12 Ways to Beat Hat Hair

I’m not sure about where you live, but where I’m from (any other New Yorkers out there?), winter’s cold. And when I say cold, I mean below zero temps and seriously frosty winters.

While I shiver just thinking of it — I’m officially a Los Angeles girl now — there were certain upsides to the chilly weather. The best one? It gave me an excuse to wear (and buy) tons of super cute hats … which also led to my enormous hat collection. (Not a hat person? That’s just because you haven’t found the perfect hat for your face shape yet.)

Of course, cold weather had its downside. Static-causing wind + zero humidity + hat = scary hair mess. Let’s just say, every time I went inside and had to take my hat off, my hair resembled flattened road kill. No lie. After a while, I just started leaving it on until I came home at night because it was so embarrassing to reveal my hat hair in public. (I just told people my hat was a necessary part of my outfit.)

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After a while, this routine was getting pretty exhausting — not to mention hot (a wool hat in a heated office? Not a good match.), So, I took my hat hair dilemma to several hair experts, including celebrity hairstylist Cristophe, Los Angeles-based hairstylists Ange Grmolyes and Christina Buzas, and New York City-based hairstylists Danielle Irene and Luis Guillermo.

They recommended the best hairstyles for different winter hats, and they’re actually all super pretty, undone, and totally low-maintenance. They also gave me tips on reviving hat hair and getting rid of static after you take your hat off.

For a hat lover like me (and you, of course), this guide is a huge lifesaver. Click here for all of the tips and to see the best hat hairstyles for you.