12 Ways to Beat Hat Hair

Chilly weather is on the way, which means great hat options (yay!), but also not-so-great hat hair (boo!). If you dread flat roots, dents, and hair static, you've come to the right place. We'll solve your biggest hat hair problems in no time.

vanessa hudgens floppy hat

Best style for a floppy hat

With a high crown and wide brim, this hat style allows you to have fun with your hair. A style with tons of volume (think ’60s) works best. Start by applying a volumizing mousse, like Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Volumizing Mousse, $4, to your hair and allow it to set.

Next, wrap up sections of your hair in hot rollers (or use a 2-inch curling iron) to create large curls. Then, brush out the curls with a paddle brush, and mist them with lightweight hairspray. The best part of this look? “The curls don’t have to be perfect,” says Grmolyes. Just slip on that fun floppy hat and you’re good to go.