12 Ways to Beat Hat Hair

bun braid hairstyle

Keep your hair in place until you take off your hat

Once you’ve got the right products in your hair, you’ll need to style it so it keeps its volume until your hat comes off. Here’s how:

To avoid the “flat hat hair” syndrome altogether, Guillermo recommends wearing your hair in any tight style, such as a neat bun or French twist. “Keeping hair sleek and tight will ensure it doesn’t get flat or dented, whether your hat comes off or stays on,” he says.

If you still want to let your hair down, try one of these two styles — they’ll actually give you more texture to work with:

Option 1: “Separate your hair into 2-inch sections, and wrap them around your finger (alternate the direction of each section). Pin the wrapped curls to the top of your head, mist them with hairspray, and place your hat on top. When you eventually take your hat off, it’s like you were setting the hair the entire time. Take out the pins to get luscious, voluminous curls,” says Irene.

Option 2: “Do a loose braid before you put your hat on to give your hair a nice, natural wave [if/when you decide to take it out later],” says Buzas.