12 Ways to Beat Hat Hair

Chilly weather is on the way, which means great hat options (yay!), but also not-so-great hat hair (boo!). If you dread flat roots, dents, and hair static, you've come to the right place. We'll solve your biggest hat hair problems in no time.

ashlee simpson fedora

Best style for a fedora

Since the fedora can add a masculine edge to your look, you’ll want to keep things feminine with loose, flowing waves. And hat hair is less noticeable on waves (versus a pin-straight look), so this type of style will benefit both you and your hair.

Start by spraying your hair with a texturizing spray like KMS California Hair Play Texture Blast, $10.98, and allow it to air dry for a natural finish. If you want to touch up your waves, mist them with a heat setting spray (try Matrix Thermal-Active Setting Spray, $10.89) and wrap large sections of hair around a 2-inch curling iron before you put your hat on, says Grmolyes.