14 Hair Myths — Busted

Some beauty-obsessed girls spend their free time watching makeup tutorials or painting elaborate nail art. Me? I play with my hair.

I’m not talking about sitting and twirling my hair all day long. No, I mean I spend hours experimenting with different hairstyles, hair color, and hair treatments. Over the past two years, I’ve learned how to do 18 different braids (waterfall included), dyed my hair red, blonde, and purple, and attempted to cut my own bangs. And of course I’ve tried every “genius tip” and “home remedy” for soft, bouncy hair out there.

But while a wonky-looking braid won’t make your hair fall out, a few of the misguided tips I’ve heard — like brushing your hair 100 times a day — are a different story.

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After the whole bald-patch-from-over-brushing incident, I started doubting some of the other tips I’ve followed for years. Washing my hair every other day. Only applying conditioner to my ends. Combing my hair instead of using a brush. How do I know these aren’t also slowly destroying my hair?

To find out, I asked a dozen hair experts about my favorite hair tips — and they said 14 of them were totally wrong. Cue the total overhaul of my hair care routine. To make sure you’re not making the same mistakes, click here to see those top hair myths debunked.