14 Hair Myths — Busted

Don't wash your hair everyday. Shampoo before you condition. Brush your hair 100 times before bed. Do these hair tips sound familiar? Thought so -- too bad they're wrong

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Myth No. 4: “You shouldn’t use conditioner if you have oily hair”

If you think conditioner causes oily hair, you’re wrong. “Greasy hair is caused by a problematic scalp,” not by certain products, says Umberto Savone, creator of the Umberto Beverly Hills hair care line. The only cure for greasy hair is to cleanse the oil and buildup that clogs the pores of the scalp.

To do this, use a stimulating and exfoliating oil to remove build up (since oil attracts oil). Try using jojoba oil, says Ona Spa therapist Angelica Sepulveda, as it most closely matches your natural hair oils. Then shampoo with an exfoliating shampoo and lightly condition, says Savone.