Dare: 7 Days of Short Hairstyles

Running out of ways to style your short hair? Here are some looks we guarantee you haven't tried before

short hair wet

Day 3: Less than a minute to chic

I didn’t hear my alarm go off this morning, so I don’t have that much time to get ready. I frantically wet my hair over the sink, wondering what I should do, and I’m psyched when this leads to a style that’s actually even quicker than my normal look. I’m calling it my “lazy day” hair routine from now on. Here’s how I get it:

1. I wet my hair until it’s pretty damp, and then I blot it with a towel. Or you can spritz your hair with water from a spray bottle and comb it through from root to tip, says hairstylist Kiersten O’Neil.

2. Next, I part my hair deeply to the side. Since my hair is wet, it’s a lot easier to do this than if I were trying to style day-old hair.

3. I apply a generous amount of styling gel, and comb it through until it coats most of my hair. Then I use the comb to slick back my hair on both sides of the part.

4. I mist my palms with some hairspray and run it over my hair to tame flyaways. Believe it or not, all of this takes less than 60 seconds.