11 New Nail Art Looks to Try

In my version of Heaven, French fries are zero calories, high heels never hurt, and there’s always a “Real Housewives” marathon on TV. Oh — and I almost forgot the most important thing: There’s a full nail bar stocked with every polish ever created.

With all these polish options and tons of free time, I spend the days inventing some of the coolest nail art designs. I never lack inspiration. Instead, I am overflowing with new ideas, all for my tiny canvases, which mere mortals simply call nails.

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Reality check, I’m not in nail heaven. I don’t have an unlimited amount of colors or all that much free time. So I can’t come up with a bazillion cool nail designs. Luckily, nail art has taken off and there are tons of great ideas out there — if you’re willing to look. Or, if you don’t want to waste time sifting through endless nail pics, you can just use my faves right here. The hottest nail trends and how-tos are just beyond this page. While you look, I’ll dream about my nail bar …

Did I mention that a simple flick of a wand removes all the polish in less than a second? Yup, no more smelly remover. And my nails always look clean and healthy afterward. Just another perk of being in (nail) heaven.

Click here to see the latest nail art looks.