11 New Nail Art Looks to Try

We know how much you love nail art. Here's our roundup of the best new styles on the Web -- and how to get the looks

sweetheart candy nails

Sweet as Candy

We love this candy-inspired look that’s still super romantic even without a heart in sight. Here’s how blogger FabFatale got the look:

Polish Suggestions: Select nail polishes that match the colors of Sweethearts. FabFatale used the following nail polish colors, but any pastel shades could work: Julep Blake (yellow), Julep Carrie (pink), Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy (purple), Essie Navigate Her (green), China Glaze in Peachy Keen (orange peach), and Sephora by OPI Nail in Havana Dreams (light blue).

1. Apply a base coat.
2. Once dry, paint on two to three coats of nail polish to each nail. Vary the colors so each nail (per hand) is a different color.
3. To get that Sweetheart chalky look, finish each nail with a matte topcoat, such as Essie Matte About You.
4. To get the messages on your nail, stamp each nail using Nail Art Diva’s From the Heart 1 image plate and a dark red polish.
5. Finish with another matte top coat.