Best Fashion Week Nail Art

Fashion Week isn't just about clothes ... at least not for us. The latest nail designs are what we go gaga over

crystal leather glitter nail art

Crystals, Leather, Glitter, Oh My!

Nail art skill level: Beyond pro

OK, so you might need to be a pro for this nail look — after all it took CND’s team 130 hours hand-detailing these crazy tips. Created for The Blonds, CND’s Kristina Estabrooks called this a “biker babe” manicure since it involved crystals, glitter, leather, and even crushed glass (yikes!). While we don’t recommend applying crushed glass to your nails, crystals, glitter, and leather are still great options when it comes to decorating. Just head to the local craft store and pick up some unconventional nail art materials.