Be the Hottest One on Your Summer Vacay

Pack your plane ticket, your sunscreen, and these tips to spend summer vacay at your most beautiful

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Tip no. 4: Wear one of these not-so-typical daytime hairstyles

For a fashion-forward tropical style that you won’t see on a million other girls, try a topknot or braided ponytail, says New York City hair pro Bryce Scarlett. “I’ve seen them on the runway, and I think it’s a very sensible and flattering choice for the beach,” she says.

Here’s how Janelle Chaplin, Creative Director of Original Mineral, says to get the topknot:

1. First, start with hair that has a ton of rough texture. To get this texture, mist your hair with a sea salt spray or just use some salt water from the beach (use a spray bottle) and let it air dry.

2. Next, pull your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, and secure it with an elastic. But on the last loop, don’t pull your hair all the way through. This will leave a small bun, with the rest of the “tail” hanging down against your head.

3. Wrap the ends of the “tail” around the elastic to thicken up the topknot, and pin the ends down with bobby pins. To create more texture, you can rough up the bun with your hands and let a few pieces fall out.

Here’s how celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony says to get the braided pony:

1. Start by applying styling gel to the top of your head and brush all of your hair up into a low or high ponytail. Secure it with an elastic.

2. Mist your pony with beach spray, and braid it tightly all the way down to the ends. When you’re an inch or two away from the ends, secure the braid with another elastic.

3. For a more casual vibe, tug at the braid with your fingers to loosen it up a bit.