Be the Hottest One on Your Summer Vacay

Pack your plane ticket, your sunscreen, and these tips to spend summer vacay at your most beautiful

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Tip no. 7: If you’ve got it, flaunt it

You might be tempted to go overboard when you’re getting ready to go out at night, but resist the urge to pile on the makeup. Instead, focus on playing up one or two of your favorite features with these tips:

• Got great cheekbones? Highlight them with a touch of shimmer.

• Love your eyes? Line your inner rims with colored liner or apply a great false lash for an exotic touch, says Flor. You can also amp up the shimmer on the eyes, says Ellis, who loves using metallic gold “because it goes with every eye color.”

• Want to show off your tan? Skip the dark smoky eye, and instead keep your makeup minimal by only applying mascara. Also, go for a strong brow (very in right now). Apply clear mascara to your brows and brush them up to create a bold statement. This will definitely emphasize your tan, says Flor.