Stylish Ways to De-Clutter

You can buy plastic bins at the dollar store to organize your beauty products, OR try some of these über creative ways to keep things in order

magnetic makeup board

Magnetic Makeup Board

Is your makeup strewn all across your bathroom counter? Do you spend 30 minutes digging in your vanity drawer for your favorite blush? If so, you’ll love this magnetic makeup board. Not only does it keep your makeup organized, but it also looks super cute on your wall.

What You Need:

• old picture frame

• acrylic paint

• spray adhesive

• metal sheet or baking sheet

• piece of fabric

• mini magnets

• strong glue, like E-6000

• old, empty pill bottles


1. Find an old frame, and remove the glass. Paint the frame a fun color.

2. Take the frame to the local hardware store and ask them to cut a piece of metal to fit inside the frame, or use an old baking/cookie sheet if it already fits.

3. Cut a piece of fabric to the size of the metal sheet, and attach it to the metal sheet with some spray adhesive.

4. After the spray adhesive has dried, attach the metal sheet to the frame.

5. Line up all your makeup products — blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows — and attach a mini magnet to each item. Use a heavy duty glue to attach the magnets.

6. Take an old pill bottle and throw away the top. Paint the bottle. Once dry, attach a few magnets to one side of the bottle. Fill the old pill bottle with brushes, eyeliners, or mascaras.

7. Place each makeup product on the sheet, as well as the old pill bottle.