Stylish Ways to De-Clutter

You can buy plastic bins at the dollar store to organize your beauty products, OR try some of these über creative ways to keep things in order

Wooden Necklace Organizer

Wooden Necklace Organizer

Salvaged wood is a hip and eco-friendly way to decorate. Here’s how to bring that element into your room, and organize your necklaces at the same time:

What You Need:

• salvaged wooden board

• small drawer knobs (with screws)

• drill


1. Take your piece of salvaged board and drill five pilot holes down the center of the board, the same distance apart. (Tip: You may want to mark them out before you drill.)

2. Take your drawer knobs and attach them to the board, via the pilot holes.

3. Hang up the board, and arrange your necklaces on the drawer pulls.

(This project is courtsey of Visibly Moved. Check out the site for more cool DIY ideas.)