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You can buy plastic bins at the dollar store to organize your beauty products, OR try some of these über creative ways to keep things in order

Kitchen Ikea Props Repurposed

Kitchen Props Repurposed

With a little imagination, you can repurpose any accessory for another area in your home — even if it wasn’t made for that spot in the first place. Here’s how to create a hair tool station out of an Ikea kitchen product:

What You Need:

• Philips head screwdriver

Ikea’s Fintorp rail, $7.99

Ikea’s Fintorp hooks, $2.99/5-pack

Ikea’s Asker container, $5.99


1. Attach the Fintorp Rail to your wall, using the instructions provided by Ikea. During this process you will also slide on the hooks.

2. Hang the Asker container(s) from the hooks, and leave a few hooks free for your larger hair tools.

3. Use the container(s) for your hair elastics, bobby pins, or other hair accessories. Use the additional hooks to hang your curling iron, flat iron, and other hair tools. (You may need to attach a loop to the end of your hair tools so they can hang on the hook, if it doesn’t come with one already.)