What Real Girls Buy at Sephora

I stalked, er, stealthily followed around a group of beauty-obsessed girls at Sephora to find out what's worth splurging on

What Real Girls Buy at Sephora

What do you turn to when you need a pick-me-up? For some girls, it’s a glass of wine and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. For others, it’s a comfy pair of pajamas and a “Jersey Shore” marathon. Me? I say there’s nothing better than a black and white Sephora bag filled to the brim with shimmery eyeshadows and creamy nail polishes.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To say that I’m beauty product-obsessed is an understatement. I visit my neighborhood Sephora so often that the girl at the counter knows my name, my birthday, and how my last date went. I even see the same people when I’m there sometimes, which makes me wonder if I’m not alone in my beauty obsession. And more importantly, what are they buying?

There was only one way to find out. I had to stalk the shoppers.

So I spent an entire day standing outside the beauty supply megastore that is Sephora asking every girl who came out what was in her bag. A few of them walked away without answering (they probably thought I was some crazy lady), but a lot of girls stopped to show me what they had just bought.

Want to see what was in their black and white bags? Keep reading to find out.

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