Top 10 Prom Nail Art How-tos

You already know how much we love nail art. (We talk about it waaaay too much.) But we need to discuss it one more time since you have a very special occasion coming up: PROM.

Besides the dress, shoes, and jewelry, you need to do something amazing with your nails. Not convinced? Here are the top 10 reasons you need to wear nail art this year to prom:

10. Nail art pumps new life into a reused dress or jewelry look on the cheap.

9. You won’t get fungus from gross acrylics at the salon.

8. It’s another part of your total look that you can show off to your friends.

7. If you do the polish yourself, you’ve got additional bragging rights all night long.

6. Your hands will look extra nice in all the prom pics — and when you’re showing off your wrist corsage.

5. If you go with a traditional dress, you can use your nails to add some funk to your look.

4. Go with glitter and your nails will sparkle on the dance floor.

3. Try the new caviar nail method, and you’ll be the envy of everyone, including the prom queen.

2. If someone does show up with the same dress as you, at least they won’t have the same nail polish design.

1. Why not?

And now that we’ve convinced you (mwhaha), here are our top 10 nail art ideas and how-tos.