Carmindy’s Fave Drugstore Picks

If you’ve ever watched “What Not to Wear,” you know Carmindy Bowyer. She’s the makeup aficionado who transforms women each week on the show. Not going to lie, her segment is always my favorite part.

So when I got the chance to tag along and see what products this makeup guru uses on herself, you better believe I jumped at it.

The most surprising thing: Carmindy is a self-proclaimed “drugstore junkie.” Sure, she admits to a few high-end splurges (like La Mer products), but for the most part she’s looking out for a good deal, just like the rest of us.

Click here for Carmindy’s drugstore picks.

Of course, Carmindy’s busy schedule means she can’t always get to the store. So she shops on and uses her Carmindy app, which let’s you “Carmindize” your look with over 1,000 customized beauty products and have them shipped to your doorstep. But whether it’s in the store or online, she knows which products are worth picking up.

Now, if you’re as curious as I was to see what a professional makeup artist (who has access to practically every product on the planet) buys on the regular, keep reading.

Click here for Carmindy’s drugstore picks.