7 Cool Nail Art Ideas

Nail art expert? Hopeless newbie? Whatever your skill level may be, we've rounded up another batch of the most awesome nail art designs. Prepare to be inspired

Color Blind

Can you read the numbers hidden in these dotted nails? If so, then you just passed the color blind test. To get your dots super crisp, “always use a dotting tool for polka dots,” says Rose. “It makes the process super easy.” She recommends the DL Pro Dotting Tool, $7, or if you are DIY-savvy, you can make a dotting tool at home with a sewing pin. Simply dip the round metal ball in polish and dot away.

To get the color blind test effect, Rose recommends you start with a white base, then dot the number with your dotting tool, and finally fill in the colored, dotted background. Remember to wait at least five minutes between each step for the polish to dry. And before you start dotting, practice on a scrap piece of paper. “I always do a scrap test first before any nail art design,” says Rose.