Worst Celebrity Eyebrows

Eyebrows. Such a small strip of hair, yet they contain so much power. A great eyebrow can define your face, open your eyes, and help you express countless emotions. On the other hand, a bad eyebrow can make a beautiful woman look downright hideous.

Check out the worst celebrity eyebrows.

So what makes a bad brow? Many things. Over plucking, sparse or wispy hair (or the opposite — hairy, caterpillar brows), an extreme high arch, a sharp transition from thick inner corners to thin brow ends. These are just a few of the main bad eyebrow sins. And, let’s be honest, we’ve all committed these offenses at one time or another.

Luckily, you can usually fix your brows. All it takes are some really bad examples to learn from, and plenty of expert advice on how to fix them. We got the examples, in the form of bad celebrity eyebrows, ’cause who doesn’t like pointing out the flaws of the upper echelon? As for our experts, we talked with Ramon Padilla, director of Browhaus, one of New York City’s leading brow bars. Padilla lives and breathes eyebrows. He even has his own vocabulary for the most common offenses, like the Mona Lisa brow, the comma brow, and the flying bees’ brow, just to name a few. We also consulted fellow brow expert, Golee Khesti, lead aesthetician at Ona Spa in Los Angeles. Once you view the art of the eyebrow through their eyes, you’ll never see that small strip of hair the same way.

Ready to see your brows in a whole new light? Let’s get started.