9 Child Stars Gone Wild

Want to hear an embarrassing confession? I used to rush home after school every day to listen to my Britney CD. And yes — by Britney, I totally mean Britney Spears. Not gonna lie, she was one of my favorite child stars growing up. We all had ours, right?

Well, I got a reality check soon enough. Children don’t stay young and innocent forever, especially not famous ones like Britney. So whatever happened to those child stars we loved so much? You might be surprised to find out where they ended up.

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Since it’s so tough to keep up with celebrity scandals nowadays, we put together a list of the child stars that have landed themselves on celebrity gossip tabloids everywhere.

These stars have been caught doing every wild thing you can imagine — from drugs to spending time in jail and/or rehab to leaking nude photos of themselves. From Lindsay Lohan to Miley Cyrus, you’ll be shocked to see who made it on the list. Guess that’s what happens when you’re put in the spotlight at such a young age …

Click here to see the list of child stars gone wild.