Editors’ Embarrassing Beauty Items

The other day at Starbucks, I was in line waiting to order my daily iced coffee. As I clumsily dug around my purse for loose change, my purse toppled over and everything spilled to the ground. Out fell tampons, Hello Kitty Band-Aids, and a Bump-It … a very embarrassing array of goodies. (Did I mention the huge crowd of people watching?) Why couldn’t my Dior mascara have fallen out instead? No, it had to be every embarrassing beauty product I own, even though I take pains to bury them at the bottom of my bag.

Click here to see our editors spill the embarrassing contents of their beauty bags.

I know I’m not the only one with an awkward purse spill. In fact, I asked around the office, and it was unanimous — we all have something in our purse that we’d like to keep under wraps. And while we might be a little ashamed of these embarrassing beauty products, that won’t stop us from using them.

So, instead of hiding these products at the bottom of our purses like they’re contraband, my coworkers and I are ‘fessing up and spilling the contents of our beauty bags.

You know you want to look … Keep clicking for some embarrassing beauty reveals.