6 Cheer Beauty Secrets Revealed

The cheerleader stereotype: Tall, blonde airhead who struts around in a mini skirt, covered head-to-toe with body glitter, and has a giant bow at the top of her perfectly ringletted ponytail.

The cheerleader reality: Girls of all shapes, sizes, and hair color, muscular and flexible, who can chuck a double full basket at the drop of a dime. (And OK, also wear mini skirts and bows, they’re kind of required.)

I’ve been a cheerleader for the past 15 years, and the first thing I learned is most of the cheer stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. The second thing I learned: cheerleaders have some amazing beauty secrets … ones that don’t require you to load up on body glitter.

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To get the goods, I talked with Peggy Segundo, makeup artist for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Nikki Khayak, founder of Fancy Face Cosmetics (a makeup brand that’s cheerleader-focused), and Christina Osberg, current San Diego State collegiate cheerleader. They filled me in on some great tips that can actually fit in with any girl’s everyday lifestyle.

Click on to learn the top cheerleader hair and makeup secrets — no mini skirt required.