London Olympic Athlete Tattoos

We don’t know about you, but we’re obsessed with the London Olympics. Between Ryan Lochte’s colorful grill, the fabulous nail art on the swimmers, and Gabby Douglass’ looped pony, there’s just so much to get excited about. (Oh yeah … and those medals!) But we wouldn’t be Beauty Riot if we didn’t also take note of all the tattoos appearing at the Games.

Whether it’s the standard Olympic rings or a deeply personal inked message, it seems like every athlete has some type of body art. And can you blame them? These Olympic athletes spend years working on their bodies, sculpting and toning until they can jump, arch, split, and splash better than anyone else. We’d definitely want to put a tattoo on a body like that too.

Click here to see the top 12 Olympic tattoos.

Plus, we can’t think of a better time to show off your special ink. With millions of people tuning in, a captive audience is a sure thing. (We just hope mom and dad approve before these athlete’s take their starting places!) To see what tattoos these Olympic athletes are willing to permanently ink on their perfect bodies, keep clicking.

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