19 Ugly Tattoo Mistakes

Regret. It’s a terrible feeling. Everyone’s done something they’ve regretted later. Like the time I thought it was a good idea to wax my own eyebrows. How hard could it possibly be? You buy the kit, read the instructions, and then you just do it.

Well. They tell you how to apply it, but one thing they don’t tell you is how fast the wax dries. After dripping wax everywhere and realizing it was stuck to a giant chunk of my eyebrow, I literally had to wax the outer half of my entire eyebrow off. I looked like Whoopi Goldberg. Worst. Decision. Ever.

I was feeling pretty regretful about it for a while — it took months for them to grow back — but then I came across these bad tattoos, and I instantly felt better. My eyebrows eventually went back to normal, but an ugly tattoo? That’s not going anywhere.

Check out the gallery of bad tattoos here.

Don’t get me wrong — there’s nothing bad about getting a tattoo. They’ve become so socially acceptable, even my mom wants one. (First it was Facebook, now it’s a tattoo? Great.) And I personally have nothing against tattoos … I even have a few myself. But I’ll be honest. If you have one of the tattoos on this list, I will judge you.

Think I’m being too harsh? Wait until you see the tattoo mistakes I’m talking about. Seriously, what kind of crazy person would get Osama’s face or a thong (yes, a thong) permanently inked on their skin?

To avoid making the same mistake, check out these tattoo ideas first. Think before you ink, and remember: You might not regret it right away, but your future kids won’t be very happy when their mom arrives to pick them up from school sporting a Justin Bieber tattoo, don’t you think?

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