Your After 8 P.M. Purse

Formal Wedding

For a super fancy wedding, skip the straps and go for a glittery gold clutch. Weddings can be marathon events, so here’s what you need to get you through the whole night.

Avoid an awkward wardrobe malfunction in your strapless cocktail dress and bring some fashion tape to keep everything in place. Mascara may not fit in your clutch, so go for a mini tube, and a two-in-one blush and lipstick duo is a genius space-saver. Weddings are a fabulous excuse to wear your hair in a fancy updo, but you’ll want some extra bobby pins to keep things looking polished and put together.

The Essentials:

Hollywood Fashion Tape, $9

Benetint Pocket Pal, $20

Goody Ouchless Bobby Pins, $9 for pack of 3

Fresh Mini Mascara Duo, $24