Bright Eyes: Prettiest Eye Trends

When it comes to eye makeup, I am a super simple, low-fuss kinda girl. My routine goes a little something like this: two coats of mascara, and I’m out the door. Seriously, it’s that quick. I’ve tried the classic cat eye or smoky eyeshadow before, but somehow I always end up looking like a raccoon … that’s just been in a bar fight. So instead I play it safe and stick to my snoozy routine.

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But, after seeing all the different, gorgeous new eye trends on the runway this season, I decided to be a little more daring when it comes to eye makeup. After all, if I’m going to play up one feature, it might as well be “the window to my soul,” aka my eyes, right? But instead of grabbing the eyeliner and diving in with abandon, I checked in with top celebrity makeup artists to find out the hottest new eye trends and how I can actually recreate them at home.

And even though some of these new eye trends seem a little daunting at first — like turquoise eyeshadow, for example — these experts broke it down in super simple steps, making it oh-so-easy to try a daring new eye trend. Now you can perfect these hot new eye looks and turn plenty of heads in the process. (Cue the compliments.)

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