3 Statement Eyes for Spring

Now that the barrage of snow is starting to lighten up, it’s time to let the sunshine spotlight your peepers. Here are three eye makeup trends for spring that will let you leave a statement without saying a word.

1. Graphic Cleopatra

For a royal entrance with an exotic flair, create a thick, black winged eye using black eyeliner. Drag the eyeliner straight across from the inner eye to the outside of the lid, as opposed to a ’50s-like upward flick. You’re left with a dramatically chic twist on the classic cat eye.

2. Pop-Art Babe

Grab an eccentric neon orange pencil to demand attention everywhere you go. This bold look is achieved by simply swiping the pencil thickly from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your lower lash line. Taper off the line at the lower lash line for a geometric effect and guaranteed ooohs and ahhhs.

3. White Noise

Achieve a 1960s beach vibe with bright white eyeliner. Line both the top and bottom lids with a thin white eyeliner. Flick the line upward on the top lash line, and flick the line downward on the bottom lash line. Voila! Bold freshness, just in time for spring.

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