Palette Challenge: 1 Girl, 3 Makeup Palettes, 7 Looks

A makeup-hoarder shakes up her beauty routine for a week, using only three palettes of eyeshadow, blush, and gloss


Wednesday night I had “big” plans — dinner with my trendy aunt (who’s more like one of the girls) in Venice — so I amped up my eye makeup a bit. I brushed the pale peach blush from the Glam Set (1) on my cheeks, and then lined my inner rims with black eyeliner. I applied the dark bronze eyeshadow from the Eye Glow Cube (2) all over my lids, and brushed a thin line of the same shadow under my eye. For the finishing touch, I applied loads of mascara and the shimmery pink gloss from the Fake Awake Kit (3).