Dare: 3 Easy Night Looks

We challenged ourselves to create 3 night looks with only 3 makeup palettes. How'd we do?

Lindsey’s night look

When Lindsey got her hands on the Pixi Eye Glow Cube – Lucent Lid Light, $28, available at Target, she decided to layer on the shadow to create a dramatic smoky eye.

Step 1: Lindsey used the mauve shade (1) in the inner corners of her eyes and along her brow bone.

Step 2: Then she applied the lilac-y gray shade (2) in her crease.

Step 3: She finished up with a little black eyeliner and mascara and a swipe of the peachy blush in the palette (3).

“I loved how my eyes looked using this collection,” Lindsey says. “Usually it’s hard for me to get a smoky eye that is just right (it’s always too dark or too light), but this look really just made my eyes pop.”