Dare: 3 Easy Night Looks

We challenged ourselves to create 3 night looks with only 3 makeup palettes. How'd we do?

Emily’s night look

Emily used the Pixi Fake Awake Kit – Power-Nap, $28, available at Target, to create a subtle look for a casual evening.

Step 1: Emily started by using the concealer (1) under her eyes.

Step 2: She used the nude setting powder (2) on her eyelids.

Step 3: Then she applied her own black eyeliner in her inner rims and smudged the outer corners for more drama.

Step 4: Emily then used the brightening cream (3) and the cheek and eye awakening powder (4) on her cheeks.

Step 5: She finished the look by applying the strawberry red lip and cheek stain (5) on her lips and topped that with the pale pink lip gloss (6).

“I feel like this look could easily transition from the office to a night out,” Emily says. “I loved that the lip stain wasn’t too sticky (a pet peeve of mine!) and it smells good, too. The pinks and peaches in the palette weren’t too dramatic for my style, which is a more classic, natural look.”

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