Rebel Looks for Fall 2013

We've got the inside scoop from the pros on what trends to try this fall

Fallen Angel

Spread those wings and play up your skin for a more angelic dimension and texture. The MAC team describes the look as “focusing on the way skin picks up light: chalky matte, balmily waxen, or with a dewy glow — and often within [one] face.” Put another way, skin that has an airbrushed, “I’m in amazing lighting at all times” appearance.

Too naughty to be an angel? No worries, you can still fake an angelic glow. Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics, suggests starting with a CC cream to even your skin tone and give your complexion a glow. She also says to lay off the bronzer, since a paler look is in for fall.

Schlip says you can still contour without bronzer, just try a gold shimmer powder as a “reverse contour,” she says. “Place on top of the cheekbone, down the bridge of the nose in the center, and above the eyebrow bone to enhance facial structure.”

If you try out this look this fall, don’t be surprised if you have people wondering if it hurt (y’know, when you fell from heaven? Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves).