Get Ashlee Simpson’s Smoky Eye

Ever wonder which A-listers would be the most fun to party with? We do. So check out our (totally hypothetical since none have ever invited us) picks:

1. Lindsay Lohan — well, as long as she doesn’t drive, we don’t need that kind of drama.

2. Katy Perry — she’s obviously up for anything.

3. Ashlee Simpson — we’ll take the rebellious younger sis’ over predictable Jessica any day.

You know what these women have in common? No, it’s not a love of rocker bad boys and copious shots (well, it is, but that’s not what we’re talking about); it’s their sexy makeup. Any night of the week you’re likely to see them ducking into a club wearing a smoky eye.

Since we’re still waiting for that “let’s hang out” text, let’s kill some time stealing their signature makeup look.

We decided to pick a pro’s brain about how to get Ashlee Simpson’s hot smoky eye. Enter MAC Senior Artist John Stapleton: a makeup genius to stars like Fergie, Sienna Miller and Kelly Osbourne. Follow his advice and everyone will be lining up to hang out with you — well, even more than they already are.

Image: Getty Images