Get Ashlee Simpson’s Smoky Eye

Smoke up -- your eyes that is -- with her intense shadow

MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder Pencil Eyeliner

Line Your Eyes

It may seem backward, but starting with your eyes first — before you even apply foundation — means you can make a huge mistake and not mess up the rest of your makeup/concealer/etc. Don’t worry, you’ll clean it up later. Stapleton suggests first rimming the inside of your eyes with a black pencil. MAC’s Eye Kohl in Smolder, $14.50 is the perfect shade of black. “Place a finger gently under your eye to access the waterline and run the pencil from corner to corner,” he says. Remember to get the top lid too. If that feels too weird, or like you might poke out your retina, just line the bottom waterline and squeeze your eyes tight to transfer the color from bottom to top.