Best Makeup for Brown Eyes

We begged, borrowed and stole (kinda) to get you these secrets

MAC Eye Shadow

Jada Pinkett Smith


Step 1: Once you have your foundation on, fill in your brows with eyeshadow that’s one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color. This makes you look younger (never a bad thing) and provides a great frame for your soon-to-be-sparkling eyes.

Step 2: Sweep a natural beige eyeshadow from lash line to lid, then use a light, golden brown shadow from your crease to brow bone.

Step 3: Shade your lid from lash line to crease with a bright green shadow like MAC Eye Shadow, $14.50 in Humid or Swimming.

Step 4: Line your upper lid and the inner rim of your lower lid with a teal or emerald green eyeliner like Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil in Lime/Forest or Brown Orofila/Golden Moss, $26.

Step 5: Apply mascara — feel free to be generous with it; your eyes will thank you.

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