Hot Frames for Your Face Shape

Back in the day, wearing glasses was like receiving a “you-can-forget-dating” life sentence. Script calls for a nerd? Slap some glasses on the actor and, poof, instant four-eyed geek-cred. And, so, of course, many of us hid our near-sighted shame behind contact lenses, relegating our glasses to middle of the night trips to the bathroom and sick days only.

But, what’s this? Times have changed and now, glasses are seen as (gasp) cool — so cool, in fact, that even people who can read the back of the cereal box from 20 paces sport ’em just for fashion‘s sake.

Why the sudden change from geek to chic? Could be because, when the frames compliment your face, glasses become the ultimate accessory. Unfortunately, for a lot of people out there, the opposite is also true … if they’re unflattering, glasses can make you look, well, fugly.

So, whether you need them to read, keep the sun out of your eyes or just jazz up an outfit, following these simple tips will help you to prove that guys do make passes at girls who … well, you know.

First (totally crucial) step: Figuring out what face shape you have. Read on to get yours nailed down, then get tips to find the absolute-perfect glasses for your particular profile. And you’ll be surprised at which celebrity style icons wear glasses, including Megan Fox, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Pfeiffer and Liv Tyler.

Image: Getty Images