Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eyes

Kim Kardashian. Love her. Hate her. Love-to-hate her. Whatever your opinion on the reality star, you have to admit: Her makeup is freaking gorgeous. She has the smoky eye/nude lip look down, and while we’ll pass on the camera crew following us around 24/7, we’d gladly take a spot in her makeup artist’s chair. Wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, her celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic isn’t offering us all free makeovers (booooooooooooo). But, he did offer to spill a detailed, step-by-step guide to getting her look on our own. Hmmm, it’s a pretty good consolation prize, right?

First though, Dedivanovic shares some insight into why Kardashian’s celebrity style is so striking (and why she makes his job just a little bit easier): “She has big, almond-shaped eyes and naturally long lashes,” Dedivanovic says. “With large eyes, you have freedom to wear a lot makeup without closing them up. Generally small eyes should avoid lining the inner rim because it makes them appear smaller. But with Kim, her eyes get even sexier,” he says.

Well, you may not have her giant, almond-shaped eyes, but that doesn’t mean Kim Kardashian’s makeup won’t look totally smokin’ on you too. Keep reading for the how-to and who knows — you could master the technique, catch the eye of a minor pop-star and some paparazzi and become the new E! darling. Yeah, it’s a stretch but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Image: Getty Images