Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eyes

The star's fave makeup artist spills exactly how to do the look

MAC Cinderfella Mineralize Eyeshadow

Add depth at the crease

Using an eyeshadow brush, sweep black, pearlized eyeshadow along the entire crease of each upper lid. Then, blend the edges to soften them, using another, clean brush. “Think of this as adding the ‘smoke,'” Dedivanovic says. He uses MAC Cinderfella Mineralize Eyeshadow, $36, on Kardashian, a limited edition shade. Can’t find it at your MAC counter? A close substitution: MAC’s Black Tied.

Next, apply more of the same shadow to the outer corners of the upper lids, as well as to the crease (again) and blend out and up.

Now line the lower lids with the same black shadow. Concentrate color at the outer corners a la Kardashian’s photo. “Use a liner brush for precision,” Dedivanovic says.