Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Whether your eyes are small, wide-set or almond shaped, these expert tips will make them look stunning

Best Makeup Look for Round Eyes

If you have round eyes like Ashley Olsen:

What to use: Medium to dark shades help elongate round eyes, and a bright liquid liner can be used to create a fun cat eye look, which extends the eye, Stern says. Try Le Metier de Beaute Precision Liquid Liner, $42 in Aqua.

How to use it: Apply shadow on the outer half of your lids, sweeping up towards the brow bone. Draw liner close to your lashes and extend it slightly outwards after you reach the outer corner of your eyes, Thomas says.

What NOT to do: Rim both your upper and lower lash lines with one round, interrupted circle of liner, or else your eyes will look like they’re popping out of your face, ew.