Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Whether your eyes are small, wide-set or almond shaped, these expert tips will make them look stunning

Best Makeup Look for Doe Eyes

If you have doe eyes like Maggie Gyllenhaal:

What to use: Bone colored shadow, a liquid or felt tip liner, and black mascara all bring out the Bambi in you.

How to use it: Apply a neutral shade of shadow on the crease and “blend upwards,” Stern says. Also “wing your eyeliner upwards instead of following the natural direction of your lash line,” Thomas says. For even more lift, attach individual false lashes on the outer corner of your eye.

What NOT to do: Connect the upper and lower liner at the corner of your eye. Thomas says this will only make your eyes look droopier. Bambi had reasons to be sad, but that doesn’t mean you need to look it.