Best Makeup for Your Eye Shape

Whether your eyes are small, wide-set or almond shaped, these expert tips will make them look stunning

Best Makeup Look for Close-Set Eyes

If you have close-set eyes like Sarah Jessica Parker:

What to use: A shimmery, white shadow and a medium and darker shade help balance your eyes and pull them further apart. Try NARS Eyeshadow in Edie, $23.

How to use it: Dab a white shadow with some iridescence on the inside corner of the lid, Stern says. For the rest of the lid, apply a medium shade of shadow in the middle and a darker shade in the outer corner and sweep outward, blending well.

What NOT to do: Pile on eyeliner and mascara evenly. In fact, don’t even use liner on the inner half of the lash line. Keep it on the outer half, and apply more mascara on the outer lashes than the inner ones to avoid looking like Cyclops.