10 Beachy-Cute Celeb Looks

It’s something we deal with every single time we go to the beach. How the heck do you go all out and have fun without looking like Tom Hanks in “Castaway”? It’s not easy frolicking in the waves or playing beach volleyball without messing up your hair and makeup, right?

Stop right there. These celebrities show us how easy it really is to have fun in the sun and look cute while doing so. Here, you’ll get the easiest and most wearable (not to mention BEST, duh!) hair, makeup and clothing looks you can wear to the beach.

Scroll through the gallery of celebrity style to check out our favorite beach looks (they would look soo great on you). Want gorgeous hair? Try Blake Lively’s beachy celebrity hairstyle waves. Looking for the best beach makeup? Jessica Biel’s natural makeup look is perfect. You can even get an adorable beach outfit by copying Halle Berry’s look. Or copy a look from Jennifer Lopez, Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Heidi Montag, Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian. So copy your fave look, grab your beach bag and hit the road, you sexy beach babe.

Wondering where to go? Now that you’ve mastered the perfect beach look, it’s time to head to the hottest place on earth. Okay, maybe we can’t all afford to go to Fiji for the day, but if we could, here are the top five places we would hit up:

1. Fiji. Duh.

2. Aruba. Or pretty much anywhere in the Caribbean.

3. Sicily, Italy. Heard their mud baths are to die for.

4. Brazil’s Praia da Azeda. Supposedly it’s a hidden gem.

5. Jersey Shore (Not just for the beach, ha!)