Prom Makeup: Find Your Look

Get expert makeup artist tips so you'll look perfect on prom night

Prom Makeup Look: Get it Professionaly Done

Do: Consider a makeup pro

If you have the time and money, think about asking a makeup artist at your local salon to do your face for prom. It’s one less thing you’ll have to stress about that day.

If you do go to a pro, Babaian says to bring in pictures of looks you like and make sure you tell them the color and style of your dress (or bring in a pic of that too if you can). Be open to suggestions from them, they do this for a living after all, but don’t be shy about telling them what you want to look like or if you don’t love what they’re doing. One tip from Babaian: don’t let them talk you into thick foundation — you want to look like you at prom, not some weird mask girl.