Beauty Tricks He Loves

Wonder what the sexiest thing you do is? We asked real men, and the answer -- shocking

Tip 9: When all else fails, try a hat

Perhaps the most surprising turn-on we heard many men mention (unprompted) was they love a woman in a baseball hat. It’s true! “Guys like a girl that looks like she is relaxed and easy going, and a baseball hat says just that,” one guy says. When women were asked if their men preferred them in the laid-back style, they didn’t negate what the guys said. One woman says her fiance is always the most turned on by her when she is in jeans and a cap. “I don’t get it, but if that’s what he finds sexy, then heck, I’m a lucky girl that can save a lot of money on hair products.” Looks like we can relax a little on a bad hair day — and make our guys happy by quickly slipping on our favorite old baseball hat.