Beauty Tricks He Loves

Wonder what the sexiest thing you do is? We asked real men, and the answer -- shocking

Tip 1: Skip the red lips

While some men like a red lip, most replied back with a resounding “NO!” when asked if they preferred a mouth coated in lipstick. One woman said, “my boyfriend LOVES it when I wear a subtle lip gloss that shows off the texture of my natural lips. He hates to kiss me when I’m rockin’ the red.” One guy says, “For some reason, the smell of lipstick has, and always will, remind me of my grandma. I’m sorry, but no one deserves that imagery.”

When it comes to your sexiest pout, the majority of men prefer a more natural look. They (for the most part) don’t care what’s being worn on the runways, but do care about what’s most kissable. So what makes lips kissable? “Soft, moisturized and ready for a good time,” one guy says.

Bonus tip: Some guys said that one of the hottest things about lip gloss isn’t seeing your lips in it, but seeing you apply it (go figure). So tilt your head back, open your lips ever so slightly, and give them a good lip gloss application show they won’t forget — hey, whatever works, right?