Beauty Tricks He Loves

Wonder what the sexiest thing you do is? We asked real men, and the answer -- shocking

Tip 2: Keep stubble to a minimum

“I find it the sexiest when I’m kissing a girl and I lightly brush my hand over her legs and her skin is super smooth. It’s just the ultimate in femininity,” says one guy. “There is this part on a woman’s belly, just around her belly button and around her hips, that is so smooth that it just begs for my lips,” another man says.

Soft, touchable skin was the number one thing many of the men we talked to find sexiest, and the best way to get smooth skin is by regularly removing rough, dead skin cells and prickly hair.

Here’s how to get extra smooth skin:

Start by removing dry skin all over your body with a gentle, hydrating exfoliating body scrub. Next, move on to the most important part — de-fuzzing. Choose a razor specifically designed for women, as it will give you your closest shave to remove all stubble. Finally, after you’ve removed all unwanted hair and are just out of the hot shower, slather on an alcohol-free, unscented body lotion like Aveno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, $10.50 — it will be the least likely to irritate your skin and cause unsightly, and “untouchable” bumps. If you do happen to get razor burn, a bit of deodorant applied to the area can help alleviate the symptoms.