Beauty Tricks He Loves

Tip 3: Get confident

Feeling confident “down there,” is very important to a lot of ladies’ sexual self-esteem, which for many of us, translates to waxing. “When I know all that ‘business’ is taken care of, I can just relax and have a good time [when we get intimate]. Which, of course, is all my husband really wants,” one woman says. Lots of men we asked shared the “I just want her to be comfortable” sentiment: “whatever is going to make my girlfriend feel the sexiest, is what I want,” one devoted boyfriend says.

A lot of women stated that a fast, albeit somewhat painful, way to make them feel sexy, is getting their bikini area waxed: “while getting your bikini area completely waxed is … the most unreal pain … it’s not masochism that keeps me going back, but the complete stress-free confidence it gives me.”

Not ready for such a hairless commitment? You aren’t alone. Instead of waxing your bikini area, try Noxzema Bikini Shavers, 3.99 which are great for such a sensitive area and “never leave nicks or razor burn” one reader says.