Oh Sh*t Beauty Disasters Fixed

Got a major (or minor-that-feels-major) hair, skin or fashion mishap? We've got the quick solution to solve it

Kate Hudson zit

The disaster: A last minute zit

The scenario: You’re in your car on the way to a blind date when you glance in the mirror at a red light and notice it — yep, giant zit forming on your chin.

What to do: First, don’t panic, because stress only makes things worse. Then, reach for your zit emergency kit (which you should always have in your purse): a spot treatment and a small tube of concealer. Apply the spot treatment first (try Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment, $6.14), then use your fingers to dab concealer on the spot. Celebrity makeup artist Kimberley Bosso recommends MAC Studio Finish Concealer, $16.50 because she says it has natural-looking coverage (so your date won’t be staring at a weird concealer blob) and is water resistant.

And if you’re stuck somewhere without these items? You can always use powder (wet it for more concentrated coverage) or foundation (the part that’s somewhat dried near the cap will go on thicker) instead, or if you’re completely without extra makeup try blending what you are wearing over the zit for a bit of coverage (for example, if you used concealer under your eyes, try and wipe some off with your finger and use it on your blemish).