Oh Sh*t Beauty Disasters Fixed

Got a major (or minor-that-feels-major) hair, skin or fashion mishap? We've got the quick solution to solve it

Lindsay Lohan self tanner

The disaster: Blotchy self tanner

The scenario: Your swimsuit shoot (or, er, friend’s pool party) is tomorrow so you hit up the self tanner, but realize hours before the party that you’re a streaky mess.

What to do: Bosso says there are a couple things you can do to avoid looking like a blotchy oompa loompa. “First, exfoliate the area with a damp loofah or scrub cleanser to lift the tanner. If that doesn’t work, soak in a warm bath, and after, try rubbing a lemon on the [uneven] area. The citric acid will loosen and lift it fairly easily.” If there’s no time to do all this, you can try using bronzer to even things out as well.

If the blotchiness is on your face, Los Angeles based makeup artist Riku Campo says you can exfoliate, then use a foundation with a yellow tone to it to balance out any orange tones left on your face.