Oh Sh*t Beauty Disasters Fixed

Got a major (or minor-that-feels-major) hair, skin or fashion mishap? We've got the quick solution to solve it

Christina Aguilera bangs

The disaster: Too short and uneven bangs

The real-life scenario: You’re way overdue for a haircut, but your schedule and budget won’t exactly let that happen, so you take matters into your own hands and trim your bangs. Too bad you have no idea what you’re doing.

What to do: Hairstylist Larry Sims says to try “braiding them to the side or slicking them back with a strong gel.” He recommends Got2b ultra glued styling gel, $5.49. You can also build up an arsenal of headbands and barrettes to keep them out of sight.

If you simply must have your forehead covered, he says wearing your bangs messy instead of straight and precise will make any unevenness less noticeable.